BP Owl, Blood Pressure Owl for iOS

When I saw BP Owl, Blood Pressure Owl for iOS developed by Cameron Elliott on the App Store, I was pulled by it due to the fact that it actively involved several salient features but it was also like nothing I’ve used before. In addition it’s also made by the acumen developer Cameron Elliott which offers qualitative features and I’m really hooked with this.

This ingenious BP Owl, Blood Pressure Owl for iOS app professionally assists you to reduce blood pressure naturally. It is illustrated that BP Owl will help you to reduce your Blood Pressure naturally by understanding what is causing your BP to increase. BP Owl is an analysis, tracking and educational tool which is expediently based on science backed method that professionally assists you to take control of your blood pressure without baleful blood pressure medication and expensive doctor visits.

BP Owl, Blood Pressure Owl for iOS

Users can measure BP accurately & reduce BP instantly with a proven breathing technique

It is well known fact that one of the most common problems related to BP tracking and logging is inaccurate measurements. That’s why BP Owl comprises a simple video that expediently explains how to measure blood pressure. In addition it is proven breathing technique which enumerates how to reduce your blood pressure in minutes. BP Owl is much more than just your regular blood pressure monitoring app.

Key Features of BP Owl Blood Pressure

  • Blood pressure tracking is of great importance. This app makes simple for you to keep a log of your readings and also enhance that with useful tools like the pills reminder and daily intake analysis and tracking of food, vitamins and minerals.
  • Daily blood pressure reminders assists you to stay on track, featuring how-to video and easy to follow guide to guarantee 100% accuracy on readings.
  • It has proven breathing techniques which will assist to reduce blood pressure.
  • They are the only app which can professionally analyse and identify your root cause of hypertension. It enumerates you how different factors influence your blood pressure. You can see how stress, weight, sleep, sunshine, food and many others directly affect your BP.
  • Full analysis of how the 7 major causes of high blood pressure are affecting your blood pressure, with actionable steps to beat hypertension naturally.

BP Owl, Blood Pressure Owl for iOS

Important Features of BP Owl Blood Pressure

  • Sleep, Stress, Food, Exercise, Weight, Sun, and Supplement logs with real-time analysis show you how these seven factors are affecting your blood pressure.
  • BP Owl also analyse your daily intake of Sodium, Potassium, Dietary Sugars, Calcium, and Vitamins C and D to show how these micronutrients are directly impacting your blood pressure.
  • It is also shows analysis of how proven breathing techniques affect and reduce your blood pressure.
  • They have seamless integration with Apple Health, MyFitnessPal and MyNetDiary to show how your diet directly impacts your blood pressure.

Finally with BP Owl you have all the tools you need to take your health into your own hands and beat hypertension naturally once and for all. The global users can go for subscription. The data you enter will build on the graphs showing you what your individual cause of high Blood Pressure is.

BP Owl, Blood Pressure Owl for iOS

After 30 days of data entry you will then also gain access to the written analysis for each of the 7 main causes. As you enter more data the more accurate the analysis will be and the more you will understand what is causing your Blood Pressure. It is said that length of the subscription is 1 month.

Finally needless to say, if you’re passionate about new health apps then BP Owl, Blood Pressure Owl for iOS is one that is worth trying out. I think the developers did a splendid good job in terms of many important features.




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