Cue D for iOS

Cue D for iOS by Spiel Studios adeptly combines puzzles with pool for a welcome challenge, particularly to ardent fans of the genres. It is best regarded as thrilling new take on the traditional game of billiards.

Cue D for iOS is also level-based and has 100 stages for users to go through from the get-go. This game has one giant pack of puzzles, and passionate players have to go through them in order.

The users only get five complete skips with the initial download. The levels are linear but still provide nice room if you are professional and just require a breather. The key goal of each stage is to strike all the lighted pegs on the table and then accurately pot the ball.

The users by using their finger drag anywhere on the screen to bring up the light blue cue stick and immensely focus their shot. The longer the stick is the more power would be actually behind it. The players can earn bronze, silver, or gold medals on each stage depending on how fast you are and how many shots you took.Cue D for iOS

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