Infolio – Popular Task management and team collaboration app

While I feel like I’ve tried every new Task management and team collaboration apps out there, I’m still always searching out for more, and Infolio – Popular Task management and team collaboration app is one that kept interested me when I saw it. After spending good time with it, I can say that it’s certainly a clever app to unwind with.

Infolio – Popular Task management and team collaboration app

Moreover if you are into marketing, design, management or sales or any other work profile then your entire project needs some help to execute them without any hurdles. Generally all of this can be achieved with the assistance of project collaboration tool or management software. One such qualitative tool that I really suggest my business peers is Infolio.

Are you looking for the Popular Task management and team collaboration app in 2020?

Infolio has many key features incorporated in one place. The drag and drop interface of the app helps you to keep track of the progress of the different projects visually. In addition the users will be able to keep an eye after each progress. In addition new statuses, lists can be added and renamed in Infolio so that you can customize the workflow of your project according to your requirements. If the tasks are more complex, you will be able to add sub-tasks and select the due dates and assignees for each subtask. This greatly assists you to add more detail and structure to your workflow.

More amazingly there are also filtering options in the application that allow you to categorise whatever you do by lists, statuses and assignees. The tasks can be organized from top to bottom depending upon the priorities and users can add tags to highlight them based upon the urgency. Apart from all of this, there are other important features on the app that help you to get things done. These comprise multiple views, custom fields, file sharing, visual collaboration spaces and project chats.

Infolio – Popular Task management and team collaboration app

Why we love it?

It is conveyed that apart from the kanban boards, the powerful application has a board view, table view, and calendar view that help you in looking at your project from a different perspective. The users can experience several custom fields can also be added to your tasks to help with marking branches, additional statuses, client information versions and others. Infolio provides you with the comfort of having everything in one place and you can collaborate and share files on this visual collaboration boards/spaces.

More importantly is that the visual collaboration spaces on Infolio make everyone on the team to brainstorm, come up with different ideas and share them. The passionate users can add notes, share links, write comments, share files, etc. These spaces can be efficiently used for content collaboration, or for organizing the project assets and other project-related information. The Infolio project chat serves as an easy method to collaborate on your thoughts and ideas with the team members during the project execution.

Interestingly the Infolio is completely free for use and it doesn’t require any credit card. There is a free plan available for the users and the professional plan comes for economic price. The only difference is the storage space that is 1 GB Vs 50 GB. The users should just sign in with their Google account or email address to get started.


If you are searching for a popular Task management and team collaboration app arrival which has some uniqueness into the mix, then you should check out Infolio. This reputed app is wholly qualitative for me to use with the best features.


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