Maintain Your Online Presence with These Smart Marketing Ideas

COVID-19 has drained the global economy with a profound impact on how we would resume our everyday businesses in the years to come. There are some prime examples of companies that declared for financial bankruptcy, while many new ventures also had no option but to close down. It is possible to maintain your online presence with these smart marketing ideas.

While people still hoped that things would resume as they once were, it doesn’t seem to be the case happening anytime soon. Simultaneously, as the conventional brick-and-mortar presence started fading out, many online ventures start appearing now and then in fragments. Undoubtedly there is room for innovation!

Maintain Your Online Presence with These Smart Marketing Ideas

Talking about business, one of the most quintessential marketing strategies to build your online presence is SEO. It is a reverse-engineering approach; what you do for your online presence today will affect your organic traffic in days to come. In modern-day business, it is all about branding yourself. The way you present yourself is the key to the success of your business. Brand building is essential for business owners who want to make their brand popular. With the arrival of such powerful social media tools, it is imperative to project a positive image. Tragically, many businesses don’t think that having a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile is that important. However, it is becoming apparent that a company’s face is just as important as its business.

The web is full of people using plain-old marketing strategies. Businesses that want to stand out must choose a ‘ready-made’ answer to attract customers and get them to interact with your business. The basics of website growth and SEO are not enough to do this. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 6 ways to improve your online presence.

1. Creating relevant content

“Quality of content is of paramount importance” is more pivotal than ever. Every piece of content online, whether it’s an infographic, a video, or a blog post, increases the online visibility of a website and the company that publishes it.Content advertising is a great way to showcase your concept and make yourself visible to the world. The SEO-infused content you provide should be relevant, current, inspiring, and imbued with keywords. To promote your brand, you need to be well aware of off page SEO and onpage SEO strategies and their implementation. Google consistently prioritizes quality content, which increases the chances of your website’s ranking. So you need to up your game for ranking at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) to improve your online presence, increase growth and traffic, and attract more clients.

2.Build Brand Awareness

This year, the number of social media users has reached approximately 2.77 billion. While this means that your potential audience is at an unprecedented level, it also means that you have to fight for attention. One way to do this is to improve your brand awareness and profile to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Sharing your strengths and interests with your clients will show your personality and bring you closer to the client’s image who awaits you.Social media has completely refashioned the way people interact with each other. To do this, stop secluding yourself from your profile and create a recognizable brand that encompasses your professional and personal goals. Being honest and friendly is the key to attracting more customers and associates.

3. Improving the Client Experience (UX).

In today’s world, where everyone is competing globally, the opportunities for customers are endless. So if your customer switches to a competitor, there is little room for negotiation. No matter how your website performs, you have to say goodbye to your customers.The client experience (UX) is an absolute necessity for an online catalog, and it’s what your company needs. After all, even a one-second delay in page load time can affect a customer’s dedication. Your website needs to be uncomplicated and easy to use. Using heat map technology and viewing data can determine and identify areas where you are making progress.

4.Provide security for customer data

Given the alarming dynamics of cybercrime, companies need to keep their customers’ data safe. With companies such as Uber, Amazon, eBay, and Target being affected by cybercrime, data security risk has never been greater.Reports from security companies have recommended that cybercriminals can easily access your data, and they are not overstating this. The truth is that ransomware attacks are growing at a rate of 360% per year. In 2017, 65% of victims were independent companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.The scale of the problem is forcing governments to help businesses. Customers need to know that their data is protected, so it’s essential to build trust. Stable online security makes you the company your customers want to interact with.

5.Work on your mobile website

Without a doubt, a user-friendly, multi-functional website is a must. People operate their phones more than their workstations, computers, or tablets. With the number of mobile customers expected to reach 7.41 billion by 2024, their need for diversity will only increase.In addition to an attractive website for external use, it must also be good enough for mobile use. Mobile app marketing is also crucial for search engine optimization since it is a ranking factor for Google.

7.Discount Offers

In these unpredictable times, you have the opportunity to be benefited by supporting your clients who happen to be in financial constraints. Underline the market boons of your business and make a discount offer. Many people in rough times are looking for housing, stipulations, and earmarking money. It is an excellent way to attract clients and secure a steady income to keep the doors open through PPC pay-per-click advertising and social media.


It is an excellent time for brands and businesses to come together. People need each other now, more than ever. They need support, access, education, and prosperity. Your brand with the perfect online presence can provide all of this, and if done right, it can be an ideal thing. The effort you make today will affect your results in the months to come. If you stop your struggle now, you won’t get the outcomes you need when the market starts to recover. Thereby it is possible to maintain your online presence with these smart marketing ideas.