PSIQUPE Couples – The ultimate app for couples

Primarily the global users grew up with variety of Android apps in all kinds; so generally, when the popular genres are illustrated they can’t assist but have the eager to check it out, which is what actually happened with PSIQUPE Couples – The ultimate app for couples developed by Psiqupe. This reputed PSIQUPE Couples app is efficaciously built to make you and your partner´s lives easier.

PSIQUPE Couples - The ultimate app for couples

By utilizing this PSIQUPE Couples app you will find an innovative points system to reward your partner and be rewarded for your efforts. This pragmatic feature will permit you two to get to know each other better and will offer some food for thoughts and conversation. Each of you will have 50 point per day to prize each other in the different relevant areas: sexuality, commitment, home & family, social life, communication and self-realization.

PSIQUPE Couples - The ultimate app for couples

Apart from numerous features the app comprises several fun games for lovers (Truth or dare and erotic dice) and even a shared “to do” list to not forget anything and organize yourself better. It is enumerated that there are some interesting list of the personal questions which you might not dare to ask before but was always curious about, which will actually help the two of you to connect on deeper level. So you can simply download now PSIQUPE Couples to get the most of your romantic relationship.

The users can experience more quality features which will be introduced in near future plans. They are:

Concept of Favors

You will be able to ask your partner for a favor based on the points your partner assigned to you

PSIQUPE Couples - The ultimate app for couples

Russian Interface

It is noted that the frustration it could cause not being able to use your mother tongue, so focused to cover as many languages as there are, the next one on the list is Русский.

More truth and more dare

New questions and new dares are uploaded on the weekly basis

Finally we strongly suggest giving PSIQUPE Couples – The ultimate app for couples developed by Psiqupe a try if you are in the passionate mood for a special Android app this weekend with a good emphasis on important features. Overall, the acumen app developers did a good job with PSIQUPE Couples app in terms of the unique concepts.




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