Unblur.app: Picture Guessing & Photo Quiz Puzzle

With so much interesting events going on these days, people could find their perfect solace in spending time with playing games to take tense mind off of everything. You could find lot of gaming is on the cards lately, but every now they always wish to return to popular game namely Unblur.app: Picture Guessing & Photo Quiz Puzzle developed by sparse creations.


Test your guess the picture game skills with unblur.app, the most fun and exciting picture guessing game where you actually require making the image sharper in order to guess the object on it. It is generally possible to sharpen your brain with multiple levels and have fun guessing.

Users can make the Image Sharper to Guess the Object

If passionate users like playing picture guessing games then this addictive and fun picture guessing game is the apt choice for you to test your skills while you have fun un-blurring the images to try and guess correctly. It is simple to play and this picture quiz requires you to press the button below the image in order to make it sharper. So after pressing 10 times on the image it would be 100 percent un-blurred. You can try to guess the object on the blurred image to progress further in the picture trivia game.

Unblur.app: Picture Guessing & Photo Quiz Puzzle

Easy to Avail and Use Tips, Power-Ups & Ask a Friend for Help

In situations if you get stuck at any point through the picture guessing game one can use tips or asks a friend for help. This picture quiz game is also providing two different power-ups where you can use to guess the blurred image faster. The first power-up expediently permits you to insert a random letter into the correct position and while the second power-up in the picture guess game permits you to remove a random unnecessary letter. It is possible to sharpen the photo and use the right letters to guess correctly.

Utilize multiple Levels to Test Your Skills

The trivia guess the picture game would get you hooked to playing on your first try. Also you will enjoy the simple and yet addictive picture trivia gameplay that will really challenge your guessing skills and sharpen your brain with each image you try to guess correctly. In addition you can test the skills in multiple levels of the picture guessing game and try to complete as many levels as possible to win your high scores.

Unblur.app: Picture Guessing & Photo Quiz Puzzle

Salient Features of Unblur.App

  • Easy & fun to play picture quiz game
  • Press the button to make the image sharper
  • Try to guess the object on the blurred image
  • After pressing 10 times on the image it will be 100% un-blurred
  • Use tips or ask a friend to help you when you get stuck
  • Use power-ups to help you guess the blurred object
  • Multiple levels to test your guess the picture skills
  • Try to clear as many levels as you can

Moreover this Unblur.app act as a language trainer, one can simply practice their language skills and play in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or any of the 18 languages included. It is also free to play picture guessing game. If users are searching for a special kind of game to sink their mind into this weekend, then Unblur.app will surely entertain you. If you’re an ardent fan of Picture Guessing & Photo Quiz Puzzle games in general, then Unblur.app is one that you must check out this on holiday.






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